Aloha from Blue Bell Place!

Aloha! Residents and associates alike had a wonderful time at our recent Hawaiian Luau, which proved to be the perfect way to celebrate Summer as August slowly nears an end. Our dining room was almost unrecognizable; the beautiful, vibrant decor seemingly transformed the room into an inviting Caribbean resort! Partygoers satisfied their appetites with a variety of Hawaiian-inspired food including glazed meatballs, island wild rice, grilled skewers, fresh fruit, key lime pie, and more! During our feast, we listened to relaxing tunes from the tropics as our live entertainer delighted spectators with a performance on steel drums. The peaceful melodies inspired some hula dancing from residents Alice and Connie, who were eager to show off their moves! We even sipped on homemade tropical rum runners while imagining our toes in the sand. Thank you to all who attended this event and helped make it such a memorable experience!

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