Extraordinary Outing to Cape May

Just in time for the end of summer, Blue Bell Place residents ventured on an extraordinary journey to Cape May! Our adventurous group took a two hour ride as we traveled from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania to Cape May, New Jersey for an unforgettable experience. Once we arrived, we eagerly boarded the one-and-only Cape May Whale Watcher’s boat for an exciting three hour ocean adventure. Throughout the ride, our captain informed us on everything we needed to know from local landmarks to history and facts about aquatic sea life. The sun beaming its warm rays felt wonderful as we experienced a cool salty breeze while the water gently splashed upon us.

After arriving back to the dock, we set foot on shore for a delicious meal at the famous Lobster House. There, we indulged in seafood that was out-of-this-world as we enjoyed the nautical, inviting ambiance. Our trip provided endless opportunities to bond with one another as we created memories that will last a lifetime; it proved to be the perfect way to celebrate the end of a beautiful season. Thank you to all who joined us on our end-of-summer hurrah!

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