I helped my Aunt Kathy “move in” to this facility and then had later visits here. It was just before Christmas and they were busy putting up great decorations in the foyer. The building was very nice and they had a piano right in the hall. The staff was so great, they were more than helpful offering a cart for her belongings and personally walking us to her room. They stayed and made sure she had everything and even brought extra furniture for my aunt. They were also sure to check with her about any favorite snack she may want to feel more at home. They went out of their way to make sure she was happy and comfortable.

Review by Cassandra S.

This facility is very upscale and nicely presented! There is much to be offered to the residents in the way of ambiance where needed, warmth, care and professional staff. Many activities are always in the works to keep both the women and men residents busy when they choose. There is a lot of friendly personal interaction between the staff and the residents…that is clear as soon as you come in the doors. I was privy to an upstairs seating area which is very welcoming….and found residents and staff engaged in card and board games..and the impression was more like old friends being together based on the laughter…the sincerity and care was clear. The administrative team is top notch and I have never experieced anything negative in my visits. I would highly recommend this facility!

Review by Joodles

My father is at Blue Bell Place. Everything is good there. Everything is beautiful. It looks like it is new and is decorated beautifully. My father has a really nice suite with a kitchenette. He has plenty of space. The care has been good. He has medication management and a certain level of care. He seems well taken care of. They do his laundry. I actually went to a number of other places, but I like this best, and the price was the best. They have a bus, and they go to the grocery store and to Dollar Tree. They also take them out to different restaurants or shows, to wineries, and out to see the holiday lights. They have games, black jack, poker, and different entertainment that come in. Many activities are more for women, so my father only gets involved with so much.

Review by Donna93831850

Blue Bell Place is a nice facility and it is accommodating for my dad’s needs. The staff is good. They have a nice variety of food. The room is nice and spacious. It fits his needs. With regards to activities, my dad is able to go to the gym and things like that.

Review by Caring94328850

This is one of the most enlightening experiences I have ever had. All of the faculty were so nice and were on the spot to help any one that was in need. The atmosphere in there was perfect. Everyone was happy and cheerful and ready for their day to begin. I felt like everyone there was loving living there. There was no person say or disappointed. Of course the credit does go to the staff to make this all possible and happen. The rooms were always cleaned and the place itself remained clean and fun to be in. There was also a lot to keep oneself busy on a regular day. They often had events with everyone together and during summertime, you can of course take a stroll in the amazing colorful garden and parks. Overall, I would say I loved the facility from what I observed and lived at the time i went to visit.

Review by sanasa12

The quality and cleanliness of this facility is actually remarkable. A family member of ours needed to by at an assisted living home for four months. When we started to search a home for the many of the location we visited were very depressing, smelled, and had terrible workers. At this facility all of the workers were very upbeat, caring, and knew everything about every individual staying there. The head nurse is professional, caring, and very down to earth. When we took our family member out many of the caretakers hugged her goodbye and wished her the best of luck. The rooms there were fairly basic but had very nice bathrooms. The activity and TV rooms were very high quality. This location was a prime example showing you get what you pay for. The only thing I could think of that was remotely negative was the janitorial staff spoke a little inappropriately around each other. I can say they were never mean to any of the individuals living there though. Overall I would recommend this facility to anyone in the area.

Review by cues999

My mother has been in Blue Bell Place since February. The rooms are a really nice size. They’re big, they’re airy. She had it painted the color she wanted. Nice and light, nice and bright. Big windows, nice-sized bathroom, a sink and a shower, big double door closets. It’s a small community. It’s 55 in her unit, and in the other unit, which is Alzheimer’s, there’s another 40 or so.

We’ve had a little bit of an accident where she tripped and fell in her room. She ended up in the hospital for a few days, but they were right on top of it, called me up right away and told me what they were doing. I’m not real happy with their in-house doctors. I actually brought my group back because I didn’t think that they were attentive enough.

Everybody is very nice, very attentive. They offer a lot. They have a cocktail party every Friday night for the people who live there. They bring in a bartender, and he makes all the drinks they want, and so it’s kind of fun. Other than the fact that I wasn’t happy with the doctors, I’m pleased with it, and she is, too.

Review by Ellen26

The whole experience was very pleasant. The staff was accommodating and warm. The place was clean. I just hoped it is a bit more spacious. But I would highly recommend it to others.

Review by DebE1

I moved my mom to Blue Bell Place in mid October with tremendous anxiety over the transition. The staff are kind, patient, very well versed with dementia patients, and the facility itself has a very welcoming and homey feel.

In summary, this transition could not have been any better – my mom is engaged in activities every day and very happy, which takes the weight of the world off my shoulders. The activities directors are amazing and take interest in each resident – whenever I visit they are sure to share a story/picture with me.

I looked at many places and am so happy that I went with my gut on Blue Bell Place – I believe it to be a special place in its own right and feel 200% confident with the care/attention my mom receives on a daily basis.

Review by cdlambeth

Warm, kind, competent staff who genuinely care about my father and always follow through when we have a special request. Tom, the Executive Director, is especially marvelous, as are the nurses and the med techs…everyone, really. The activities director (I don’t know her/his name) comes up with some very creative ideas which my father loves, like Auction Night, trips to the Art Museum, wine tastings, and even playing hand-bells at Christmas. We love Blue Bell!

Review by EllenWehle

A beautiful place where they really care about the residents. I never thought we would get my father in a place, but now he considers this his home.

Review by Tina Daroff Hamilton
Review by Martin Schulze

My parents really enjoy living at Blue Bell Place. I am relieved that they live in such a safe and friendly place.

Review by Laurie Constabel Olivieri
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Choosing an assisted living facility isn’t easy. If faced with this task take into consideration Physical proximity to your family, physicians,and overall medical needs of your loved one. I strongly recommend choosing a location that is close to your family. Most places have a pre assessment evaluation for admission to their facility. If your needs are more medical then there will be a limited amount of facilities that can handle all their needs. The “Blue Bell place” meet all the criteria in my instance looking for a facility for my Father. I have looked and toured quite a few facilties. The one thing that that took precedence after all was done was how convenient it was because of how close to everything it was for us. It even had a Pub near by and believe me you’ll need a drink after it’s all over.

Review by WayneH
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I was very impressed by this facility and the staff. The facility was clean and ‘homey’. I was particularly impressed by the size of the room and the decor in the memory care unit. Additionally, I was invited back to visit, participate in crafts, etc. and/or to have my parent utilize the respite care component! I loved this location and it remains high on the list of possibilities.

Review by A Place For Mom Customer
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The community has great staff that are doing good with my dad. He likes the meals and he has been participating in the art therapy, physical therapy, and watching the music performances. They also play music in different rooms. They have a calendar of events and each day is different. Since he has been here, there has been a turnaround in my dad. I would recommend the community.

Review by Blue Bell, PA Family
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I am so glad I did not read these reviews until after I made my decision. I never would have came in and we love it here. We moved Dad in about a month ago and our biggest factor in choosing Blue Bell was the cleanliness. There are no odors and the place appears VERY clean. The transition was difficult. Dad had a very hard time at first but their activities people have done such a good job with him that he has settled in nicely. He loves all of the beautiful outdoor areas, the food and most of all the trips. Everyone is so nice. We really couldn’t be any happier.

Review by Ms. G
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Very nice facilities. Very clean and well taken care of. Price is all inclusive which is nice. Friendly staff.

Review by Anonymous
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Nice, homey atmosphere. Very clean. Staff was friendly and residents seemed happy.

Review by A Place For Mom Customer
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A good place for an unusual patient.  My wife with dementia broke her hip and needed a place for rehab in a secure memory care unit.  After searching among several options, I found this to be a good choice.  The staff is knowledgable about the care of dementia patients, and the facility is attractive and comfortable.  The marketing staff was especially helpful in explaining the routine and the program then intended to follow.  There were no surprises, unlike other places we tried.

Review by Scott K
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Blue Bell Place is an excellent assisted living and nursing facility. We looked at several locations in the area and Blue Bell Place far exceeded the other properties we visited. The staff is very friendly and our Mother has a large menu to choose from for all three meals. They provide many activities during the day and after dinner which keeps our Mother active and involved. The building is extremely clean and well maintained and there is a private garden for the residences to enjoy.

Blue Bell Place is dedicated to the residences to insure their health and safety.

Review by Lawrence Becht
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We started with respite stays of 2-3 weeks for Mom when we had to travel. After her third respite stay – having thoroughly enjoyed the facility, the activities, dining services, and comradery of the other residents – Mom decided that she’d like to be a permanent resident. The facility is modern, bright, and well appointed. Mom’s studio apartment is spacious and bright. The entire staff is friendly and helpful. The weekly activity schedule is varied with fun and interesting projects; they have field trips that range from local shopping outings, movies and plays, dining out at restaurants, to tours of Lancaster County, etc. Transportation to mass on Sundays, and in-house prayer services. Mom is really enjoying her new home and acquaintances that she’s made while at Blue Bell Place.

Review by Anonymous
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Blue Bell Place has been a great choice for my family. We chose it for its central location between my siblings and me, its reasonable prices, and its helpful staff. [Removed] have been particularly helpful and willing to work with us, but everyone takes the time to get to know the residents and families. The food here is good, and they do housekeeping twice a week, so it’s very clean. It’s a lively community, and while the staff always check on the residents, they don’t make them participate if they don’t wish to. My father is very social, and he loves the constant, daily interaction with staff and residents. I think people forget that these places are for peace of mind of the family, and for making sure the loved one is clean, secure, and well fed. I know that my dad is getting those things here and that he is happy, so we are happy too.

Review by Blue Bell, PA Family
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We’re very happy with it! It’s spotless and I’m there all the time. The only down side is that the food isn’t really great so if your loved one is very picky eater or if they really had their heart set on gourmet food, that could be a concern. It’s perfectly healthy food, just more home cooked.

Review by Anonymous
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We’re very pleased. They do have some activities, they are kind of limited in content, the calendar is full, but what they are able to provide for the type of patients they have is limited becase the people can’t do very much, my loved one is probably one of the stronger mental capacity patients they have so he gets a little bored but they have to hit the middle of the range with the patients they have. The food is good. The only thing I see a little bit weak is the communication. Sometimes it’s hard to find a staff person, they are all so busy, they are helping people. To get in and out you have to push a code and the bell rings and I hate to bother them but you have to bother them to get out. Just to ask some questions, they are just so busy and I hate to bother them, they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. If I do ask a question they are very good at what they do. There is a little gap in the communication but it’s very minor. We are kind of new and sometimes it’s hard to find the right person or any person because they are all so busy and doing their jobs. They are extremely helpful and extremely friendly.

Review by Family
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My father moved to Blue Bell Place about 6 weeks ago and so far we are very pleased with his accommodations, the staff, the dining and activity program.

The staff is very conscientious about my father’s health care, safety, personal grooming, and his studio apartment. They are on-the-ball and very reliable. Many of the staff members have been at the community for 8yrs -a telling sign.

The social program is awesome. They have a variety of upbeat events and outings each week with a focus on music and life-long learning. They entice residents to attend workshops by offering play money and host a monthly auction whereby items can be purchased -clever idea!

He feels comfortable and part of a special community.
We are very, very pleased!

Review by Lee Vuotto
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The staff at Blue Bell Place are very attentive. They have a lot of activities, there is something going on every hour. The transition for my mother was very difficult, she was very hard to handle and the staff here just really helped out a lot. They keep in touch with me on a regular basis and let me know how things are going. This facility provides a lot of different kinds of Doctors, and we have seen them all.

Review by Blue Bell, PA Family

I cannot say enough about this facility. My great aunt and my grandparents lived here and it is just wonderful. The rooms are large and have handicap access which makes it so much easier for them then if they were at home. There is a kind staff and beautiful dining room. I feel good knowing that if something happens there are always people around to help them and keep them safe. What a relief it is to know hey are cared for. I am very grateful for this assisted living facility. Thumbs up!

Review by Mindy A