Uke Can Do It: An Introductory Ukulele Class

We kicked off our new Summer Watermark University semester with one of our new favorite classes, Uke Can Do It: An Introductory Ukulele Class. This class is taught by our friends at George’s Music School. We had a wonderful time at this fun, interactive and educational workshop on a great instrument – the ukulele! This class is not only fun but can help us all cognitively. Did you know that learning a new instrument helps keep your memory intact by creating new brain synapses. What’s unique about playing an instrument is that it requires a wide array of brain regions and cognitive functions to work together simultaneously, in both right and left hemispheres of the brain. Join us every other month at this wonderful new class, where we will be learning a basic ukulele overview, beginning chords, strumming techniques and even learn how to play a song!

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